Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mission: Things As They Are

The hustle is on. I spend my mornings reading and researching in preparation for Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer with my dear friends at Shaking the Tree. And in the evening, I run my little booty off in our tech week efforts to open The Snowstorm with Many Hats Collaborations and CoHo Theatre. Both shows are near and dear to my heart and I am in awe of the ensembles I have the opportunity to work with this year.

In my research, I found a quote by one of the designers (Jo Mielziner, set and lighting) who stuck by Tennessee’s side through out his creation of what, at the time, was a new form. It’s good creative juice for both projects and I share it humbly here.

“When a play employs unconventional techniques, it is not, or certainly shouldn’t be, trying to escape its responsibility of dealing with reality, or interpreting experience, but is actually or should be attempting to find a closer approach, a more penetrating and vivid expression of thing as they are.”

Mission: ACCEPTED.